Zachary Gordon


What was your favorite part in making the movie?
probably shooting the scene where I had to pee on rodrick, they had to hook a pipe so that I wouldn't be walking on set with my pants wet

What is your favorite scene in Diary of a wimpy kid?
Alot but one of my favorite scenes was the halloween scenes because we were being soaked with hot water and it was late and cold.
How was school different when you made Diary of a wimpy kid?
School was a little different because of the movie like in my school it's just three hours so the teachers don't repeat themshelves but they are one on one with us. And whenever we had a ten minute break or something we would go and play with the kids
What is your favorite food?
Hot dogs

Have you read a book, besides Diary of a wimpy kid, that you would like to be made into a movie?
Yes, the Candy Shops Wars
What character would you like to play?
Nate, he's the main one.
Did you lipsing in Diary of a wimpy kid or is that your real voice?
Some of it but the long part was done by a professional
Will you ever make an album?
Maybe when I get older
Who is your role model and why?
Leonardo DiCaprio because he was in my favorite movie, Titanic. He is an great actor and is environimental friendly.. (He recycles and takes care of the planet)
What do you think about your co-stars?
I think my co-stars are great and without them the movie wouldn't be as good, They made it ten times better

Questions from Fans, Confirmed by Zach

Favorite color?

Favorite actor?
Leonardo DiCaprio

Favorite actress?
Meryl Streep

Favorite food?
Hotdogs & Chicken fingers

Favorite movies?
Titanic, ET, Stand By Me, & Big Fat Liar

Favorite TV shows?
Too many to list


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What's Zach's Facebook?
He doesn't have a personal one but his Fan page is